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Ibeam: Supply Chain and Operations Management Software

Information is one of your most valuable assets. Accurate and timely information allows you to make more profitable decisions. Do you have the tools to cost effectively manage your vital information? By using Ibeam operations management software your answer can be “yes”. 

The Ibeam operations management software and inventory management software provides a flexible and extensive framework to map your actual production operations. This framework allows you to capture vital operational data at the most logical process points. 

Ibeam management software provides quick and accurate data collection by integrating state of the art bar code scanning and labeling technologies. Mobile computers and tablets allow reliable and efficient collection of data directly from the source, whether that is the factory floor, work cells, receiving dock, warehouse or call center. This vital information enables your staff to manage operations more efficiently, measure processes more accurately, and improve productivity. 

Ibeam is designed for use with today’s industry leading relational databases to ensure full scalability and connectivity. Ibeam will complement your existing investment in information technology infrastructure and strategies. 

Ibeam management software combines data collection technologies, automating the collection of data, processing, and the delivery of this critical information to the people that can have an impact on the bottom line – that is what Ibeam software delivers to you. 

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Inventory Management Software and Operations Management Overview